Zhao Fan hoping to drive back Zhao Yun's approaching army, he asked the advice of his two closest and strongest generals, Chen Ying and Bao Long. Though Zhao Fan wanted to submit, his two generals insisted on fighting and rode to confront Zhao Yun. Their plans failed and Zhao Fan continued with his original idea. He merrily befriended Zhao Yun and they became sworn brothers since they shared the same family name.

Wanting to express his gratitude, he presents the general with his sister-in-law, Lady Fan. After the maiden left their company, Zhao Fan explained that she would only agree to marry again if her suitor met three difficult conditions. First, her suitor would need to be famous for literary grace and military skill. Secondly, he would need to be handsome and well regarded. Third, he would need to share the same family name. Zhao Fan thought they were a perfect match. Zhao Yun, however, was outraged and yelled that the proposal only brought more confusion into their relationship. The general knocked Zhao Fan down and rode out of the city.

After his two generals lose their lives, Zhao Fan was deceived by the 500 men used to shield Zhao Yun's entry into the city and was immediately imprisoned. Zhao Yun quickly claimed Guiyang and called for Liu Bei and Zhuge Liang's attendance. When Zhao Fan explained that Zhao Yun refused his sister-in-law, the strategist questioned Zhao Yun for an answer. He replied with three reasons. First, he didn't want to dishonor his own name for marrying family. Second, their marriage would interrupt Lady Fan's obligation to remain to chastity after her husband's passing. Third, he feared what damage it could cause his lord and didn't want to risk Liu Bei's failure for his sake. His reasoning earned Liu Bei's praise.

Zhao Fan was re-established governor and Zhao Yun was greatly rewarded.