Yuan Shao
Character information
Force(s): Han
Allied Forces
Weapon Type: Longsword (3-6)
Rapier (7)
4th. Weapon (Lvl.10):
Grand Master (3)
Sword of Kings (4-5)
Lvl. 11 Weapon:
Significant Battle(s):
First appearance: Dynasty Warriors 2
Historical information
Real name:
Yuan Shao
Chinese name:
袁绍 - 袁紹
Style name:
Chinese name:
June 28, 202
Warriors Orochi Info
Character Type:
Personal Item:
Crest of Nobility

Yuan Shao is a proud nobleman who wants to uphold his prestigious family name. When Cao Cao gathers the surrounding regional lords to take a stand against Dong Zhuo's tyranny, he nominates Yuan Shao to be their leader. In honor of his family's reputation, Yuan Shao leads the Allied Forces at Si Shui and Hu Lao Gates. He tries to restore order in the capital, but ultimately loses his trust in the Han Dynasty. With his own ambitions, he often conquers Gongsun Zan in the north and becomes one of the largest forces in the land when he suppresses Hua Bei. He attacks the central plains and confronts Cao Cao at Guan Du. In most scenarios, he either dies or suffers a grave defeat from the battle. A few titles mention a follow up campaign to completely destroy his family. Noline.gif

Romance of the Three Kingdoms (2010)Edit

Yuan Shao 2
Yuan Shao, the brothers of Yuan Shu. He lead the Han alliance during the war between Dong Zhuo. Since both Yuan and Wei forces grows stronger, Yuan Shao was defeated. He died in illness since he fail and lost everything that was taken by Cao Cao.

First appearance: Episode 3

Ending: Episode 29