Zhou Yen
A Prince of Wu must show their vigilance in defending their land


About Mid Twenties

Hair Colour:


Eye Colour:

Light Blue/Grey



Birth Place:

Jiang Dong


  • Zhou Yu (Father)
  • Xiao Qiao (Possible Mother)
  • Zhou Shay (Younger Brother)
  • Zhou Shen (Younger Brother)
  • Sun Ce (Uncle)
  • Sun Quan (Uncle)
  • Da Qiao (Aunt)
  • Sun Shang Xiang (Aunt)


Kingdom of Wu

Zhou Yen is a Character from the Fanfiction "Dynasty Warriors: The Sengoku War" and is the eldest son of Zhou Yu parallel to Shu's Guan Ping, Yen's style of combat is through seeking an enemy's weakness (physiological and physical) regardless whether it be against a single warrior or the Commander of an Entire Army, Yen finds Ping a curious enigma that "is like Gravity that Yen finds difficult to pull away from or ignore".



Zhou Yen is described as the Second Nataku (Nezha). Ever since he was little he was practically a slab of meat and since growing up, he is become somewhat distant except for his duty, regardless of what happens with enemies or allies alike he is described as not loving nor hating anyone. Surprisingly, Guan Ping seems to bring emotion out in Yen which surprises many in Wu, it is said that Zhou Yen was born a Gatekeeper of Hell's Gates hence having a unique power to control Flames and Darkness.

Physical AppearanceEdit

The clothes that Yen wears are usually black, similar to his cold personality the baggy clothes he wears are actually deceptive to his golden stone-cut body hidden underneath, he has light blue eyes that are often mistaken for grey. Yen wears a Longsword known as "Cerberus' Fang".


Equipment and SkillsEdit