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Wen Chou
Character information
Force(s): Yuan
Weapon Type: Great Sword
4th. Weapon (Lvl.10):
Heavy Machinery
Lvl. 11 Weapon:
Slice 'n' Dice
Significant Battle(s):
First appearance: Dynasty Warriors 2
Historical information
Real name:
Wén Chǒu
Chinese name:
文丑 - 文醜
Style name:
Chinese name:
Although he looks exactly like any NPC commander, Wen Chou's is unique.

Wen Chou is a general of Yuan Shao. When his fellow officer Yan Liang was killed by Guan Yu, he swears to avenge his fallen comrade but is also slain by the latter in a single blow. This can be changed if the player plays as him or Yuan Shao. Eventually, Yuan Shao dies, and the land splits between Wen Chou and Yan Liang, thus leading to the conflict of a civil war between the two.

Role in GamesEdit

Dynasty WarriorsEdit

Yuan Shao's confidence in Yan Liang and Wen Chou is expressed at Hu Lao Gate or Si Shui Gate in some games. Yuan Shao will show his frustration within the fact that no one is brave enough to challenge either Lu Bu or Hua Xiong by stating, "If only Yan Liang or Wen Chou were here!" Similar to Yan Liang, Wen Chou frequents his appearances as one of his lord's prominent generals, and usually appears powered up significantly. Whenever he is defeated at Guan Du, the commanders of both armies question as to who defeated him, though, he will not be slain if the player decides to play as Wen Chou or Yuan Shao and instead, Wen Chou will block the attack, thus challenging the General who is fighting him.

Wen Chou is now a playable character in the new Dynasty Warriors 3 Fanon. He is playable under the "Yuan" factions and was made into a better, remodeled character in Dynasty Warriors 10.