• Master Ron

    Master Ron

    thumb|300px|right|Master Ron EndingName: Ron "Master" Luvich
  • Nationality: America(West)
  • Rank: General
  • Born: A.D.155
  • Appears: DW5(Empire)
  • Voice: Heroic
  • Motion: Lu Bu
  • Weapon: Great Spear
  • Status: Married
  • Family: Wife, Son and Daughter.
  • Empire: Ching

In A.D.178 Master Ron was a former general who was rescued from the sea of the south-east asia. Ron was found alive from the sea and was rescued by the Officer Meng Yi. Until the half of the year, Master Ron serve the war as the leader under Meng Yi and Azola.

Until the fall of the year A.D.239(Fall), Master Ron's comrade was slayed. Loses his own men and weapons since General Yuen Ho earn his victory. Ron close his eyes gently and said himself that he promise to return his homeland where his family was await.