Mashita Aikado

Name: Mashita Aikado

Clan: The first leader in the Aikado Clan.

Skill: Nobunaga Oda

Voice: Young

Partners: Gonjo Sanada and Mitsuru Oda

Mashita Aikado, the leader in recruit over his new clan destined to rules over the states of the japan and became the ganeral who serves for the emperor in his ambitions. Mashita was rank until the first director for being the hero of the land that he pawn and protected.

In the earlier life of Mashita Aikado, he was the last sons of the Aikado clan after his late father, Domon Aikado. Domon wields his father's Sword, the titles of King's Sword that was once wields from the century kings, and resembles to his son for carrying his will.

After the death of Katsuya Akechi, Mashita Aikado heard the news from the envoy. Suddenly, there was 2 young warriors invade the camp of Aikado. The army cease them and bringing them to meet the general. Mashita Aikado came out from the camp to meet on this 2 young warriors. Mashita called the to present themself, so they called their own names, Gonjo Sanada and Mitsuru Oda. Mashita was worried that they could be a spy, but Mashita Aikado do not wish to execute them, but to hold them in prison. Mashita Aikado, was planned to invite them to join the forces, but he told his leftenant to investigate them until General Mashita would like to hear the news.

Few days later, Gonjo and Mitsuru was growl in hunger. General Mashita heard the news from the leftenant that the 2 young warriors was quit from the Akechi Clan. And so, Mitsuru decide to release them from the prison and provide them a food.

During the winter, Mashita Aikado and his guardian was won the country. With the help of Gonjo Sanada and Mitsuru Oda, the more stronger the forces of Aikado Clan could stand against the other clans.