Katsuya Akechi

Name: Katsuya Akechi

Clan: Youngest brother in the Akechi Clan.

Skill: Sword

Voice: Young

Partners: Gonjo Sanada and Mitsuru Oda

Katsuya Akechi, the relative of Mitsuhide Akechi. He began his ambition in Kawanajima and defeat Shingen Takeda. Katsuya won the battle and he demand Shingen to recruit as Akechi's forces. And so Shingen accept Katsuya's demand and move on for the next plan.

In the Winter, Katsuya Akechi was plan to invade on the land of Ito. He was lost in the battle and spilled his blood upon the land, Katsuya commands Gonjo Sanada and Mitsuru Oda to leave his clan but left himself behind by trying to defeat Naomasa Li. The army of Li Clan halt and stand besides, Naomasa Li appears to meet Katsuya Akechi and demand Katsuya to join his clan. Katsuya refuse however, Naomasa was angry and raise his Katana to begin execution on Katsuya. Katsuya leave a few words before, and said "I, Katsuya... the Akechi Clan...".

In the next day, Gonjo and Mitsuru report the death of his leaders to Shingen Takeda and Mitsuhide Akechi. Mitsuhide was lost his will while hears upon the death of his younger brother. And so Shingen Takeda was once said "if your brother couldn't make it, then you should be...", Mitsuhide Akechi raise his Katana and stab on the land of Kawanajima and said "this land and Akechi Clan is share the blood of yours... my little brother..."