Huangfu Song
Character information
Force(s): Han
Weapon Type: Sword
4th. Weapon (Lvl.10):
Major Han Sword
Lvl. 11 Weapon:
Imperial Han Sword
Significant Battle(s):
First appearance: Dynasty Warriors 2
Historical information
Real name:
Huángfǔ Sōng
Chinese name:
皇甫嵩 - 皇甫嵩
Style name:
Chinese name:
義真 - 义真
Had the former generic Commander Model.

Huangfu Song is an officer who loyally served the Han. During the Yellow Turban Rebellion, he defeated Zhang Liang and Zhang Bao.

Role in GamesEdit

Huangfu Song is a regular member of the Han forces in the Dynasty Warriors series. He serves as the leader of the Han forces during the first stage of the Yellow Turban Menace chapter in Dynasty Warriors 4. He will remain in the central garrison until he feels confident of the army's success. Zhang Liang will summon a fog to obscure the ambush he has lying in wait for the leader. Should Huangfu Song be routed, the stage ends in defeat for the player.

He is also a playable character in Dynasty Warriors 3 Fanon and selectable in the Han forces. He eventually defeats He Jin in a plot of overthrowing his tyranny and restored peace in the Second Han Empire. Should the player play as He Jin, he is killed by He Jin or his forces in the Battle of Guang Zhou.