Nanjing Battle

Map of the Battle. The Dark Blue and Dark Red are the head commanders of their respective side. Yellow Dots indicate gates and objective points. The Red and Blue small dots near the edge of the maps indicate gates and the half red half dark red circle indicates the place of Chingisuhan's arrival point.

The Battle at Nanjing is a secret map in Dynasty Warriors 3 Fanon only unlocked by playing and completing every character's Musou Mode (including hidden characters and Kohime Characters) atleast once. This is the only battle where all the previous factions you have face work together against the Kohime Characters. The commanders of the forces consists of their respective leaders of the Wei, Wu, Shu, Nanman, Zhou, Lu, Yuan, Han, Yellow Turban, Mongol and Khitan respectivly. The opposing side are the Kohime opposites of the Three Kingdoms which are the respective leaders of the Gi, Go, Shotu, Nanban, To, Ryo, En, Chou, Mongoru and Chigiri respectivly. You can play either side with any character. Both sides have different speeches and dialouges.


Dynasty ForcesEdit

Kohime ForcesEdit


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This is the only map not to contain a unique weapon drop or a weapon found in crates.


Victory for the Dynasty Forces is:

Defeat for the Dynasty Forces is:

Victory for the Kohime Forces is:

Defeat for the Kohime Forces is: