Shamoke was the king of the Five Valleys region, commanding all of the tribes that resided there. His weapons of choice were two bows at his belt, along with two spiked iron maces from which bone pendants hung. Aside from that, he also had large blue eyes, and a blood-splotched face.

When Liu Bei, the first ruler of Shu, decided to take his revenge on Wu for the murder of his sworn brother, Guan Yu, he asked Shamoke for fifty thousand warriors for aid. Shamoke personally led his soldiers to join with Liu Bei's seven hundred thousand. In 221 AD, the massive army broke through into Wu territory, easily defeating the opposition, until they reached the plains of Yi Ling.

Later, scouts reported a large Wu battalion was marching towards the Shu encampment. Liu Bei led his own legion into battle with his army divided into eight parts for maximum flexibility. Very soon, the Wu army retreated and Liu Bei called for a pursuit. During the chase, Shamoke raided through Gan Ning's troops. Gan Ning fled at the mere sight of Shamoke. The king fired an arrow that pierced through Gan Ning's skull, killing him.

Lu Xun, Wu's commander, launched a fire attack during the night in the woods occupied by the Shu army. The Shu forces were scattered and many of their soldiers were trampled whilst trying to escape. Shamoke was fleeing south but met Zhou Tai. After a brief bout, Shamoke was slain.