Known as a genius who matches Zhuge Liang's intelligence, Pang Tong joins the resistance against Wei sometime before Chi Bi. In most of the games, he works as a mole within Cao Cao's army at Chi Bi and suggests for the boats to be chained together. His tactics increases the damage of the imperative fire attack. Formally joining Liu Bei soon after, he is the one who suggests for his liege to attack Liu Zhang. Unless players are playing his story or they neglect his safety at Cheng Du, Pang Tong often dies due to Zhang Ren's ambush.

Romance of the Three Kingdoms (2010)Edit

Pang Tong
Pang Tong first appearance in the Temple of Wu's. He was pretending to be drunk and insult about Zhou Yu's failure in the funeral. Since the Lady Wu and Sun Quan won't accept the recommendation from Lu Su due to Pang Tong's humiliation in the funeral, Zhuge Liang succeed invite him to join Shu strategist. Soon after escape from Liu Zhang, Pang Tong and the forces dies in Zhang Ren's assassination.

First appearance: Episode 58

Ending: Episode 66