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Edit characters start with sword, spear, and naginata move sets. Characters in the first game are limited to four preset models of both male and female variations.However, it is possible to unlock four more models by getting your attack and defense to total to 90 by the fourth month. The unlocked models are Armored Male, Armored Female, Priest Male, and Priest Female. Their movesets are cloned and blended from the game's playable characters. The weapons they use are decided during the training phase.

In Samurai Warriors 2: Empires, players are given a wider range of models to build their character. They are also given the option to choose a voice, a special skill, a family crest, weapon, warrior type and kanji shown during the edit character's true musou.

Edit characters return in Samurai Warriors 3. For males there are seven face types, fourteen head types and six models: light samurai, heavy samurai, European samurai, ronin warrior, strategist, and ninja costumes. For females there are three face, six head types and three models: female warrior, princess, and female ninja costumes. Players can also unlock all of the playable characters' weapons except for Kotaro Fuma's move set. There are also four different voice options for each gender and players can change the body types of their edit characters: average, thin, big boned, muscle/voluptuous.