Meng Da is a general who serves under Liu Zhang, Liu Bei, Cao Pi, and Cao Rui. Like fellow conspirators Zhang Song and Fa Zheng, who also sought to hand the land of Shu to a more capable ruler instead of Liu Zhang, Meng Da pledges his allegiance to Liu Bei upon his entry into Shu.

When Liu Bei was invited to Shu by Liu Zhang, Meng Da and Fa Zheng were dispatched with 2000 soldiers each to act as an escort. Liu Bei ordered Meng Da to lead these troops to Jiangling. Upon the pacification of Shu, he was given a post as governor of a capital city.

In 219 AD, Meng Da was sent north to capture the city of Fangling. Kuai Qi, Governor of Fangling, was defeated and killed. Meng Da advanced to take the city of Shangyong, with Liu Feng leading reinforcements from Mianshui to join him. Shen Dan, governor of Shangyong, surrendered.

Romance of the Three Kingdoms (2010)Edit

Meng Da
Meng Da first appearance in the military camp. Since after the meeting, Wang Lei appears and to inform him to prevent Liu Bei enter the territory.

First appearance: Episode 64

Ending: ?