Ma Teng, according to the Dian lue, was a descendant of the General Who Tames the Deep Ma Yuan, famous for suppressing the Nanman early into the Eastern Han dynasty. Han Sui was his sworn brother and his sons were Ma Chao, Ma Tie, and Ma Xiu.

In 208, Cao Cao thought of attacking Jing province and sent Zhong Yao to make peace between Han Sui and Ma Teng. He sent an envoy who was able to coerce Ma Teng into working in the capital, effectively as a hostage. Ma Teng, appointed Commandant of the Palace Guard, moved his family to Ye, leaving Ma Chao to control the troops being left behind.

After Ma Chao rebelled, Ma Teng and his two other sons were executed by Cao Cao.

Romance of the Three Kingdoms (2010)Edit

Ma Teng
Ma Teng first appearance in the camp, he held meeting with his fellow comrades along his son, Ma Chao, he plans about future to against Cao Cao. However, during the rampage in the night, Ma Teng and his two sons were end up and failed in Cao Cao's assassinations. Ma Teng was caught and executed in Cao Cao command.

First appearance: Episode 60

Ending: Episode 61