Due to his long-standing friendship with Cao Cao's uncle, Cao Bu, he serves as an ally for Wei. Hoping to avoid war, Liu Bei went in person to negotiate peace terms with the conqueror. However, Liu Zhang reveals that he pities how war has changed Cao Cao and cannot find himself to turn against his friend. Since Liu Bei needs to protect his borders, he reluctantly declares war at Liu Zhang's home, Cheng Du Castle. When he's defeated, he will give his lands to Shu as well as his adviser, Fa Zheng, before taking his own life. Fa Zheng reports that his lord's last wish was for him to serve Liu Bei. In the following chapter, Liu Bei is given the option to appeal to Liu Zhang's men and recruit them for the Shu forces.

Alternatively, he also appears as a secondary enemy for Cao Cao in Wei's story. He forms an alliance with the weakened Liu Bei and they fend off Wei's troops together. He loses his life after the battle, presumably due to the wounds he sustained. His land is integrated into Wei.

Romance of the Three Kingdoms (2010)Edit

Liu Zhang
Liu Zhang first appearance in the lair. He was having an entertainment with the dancers and most of his favourite activities in art and painting.

First appearance: Episode 63

Ending: ?