Liu Feng was the son of the Kou clan of Luohou and nephew to the Liu clan of Changsha, and thus possessed ties to the imperial clan. Liu Bei adopted him while in Jingzhou because he did not presently have a heir. Liu Feng served as a general in his army and was known for his martial ability and outstanding strength.

When Liu Bei marched on Liu Zhang, Liu Feng commanded with Zhuge Liang and Zhang Fei and was victorious in battle. Afterward he was promoted to General of the Gentlemen of the Household Who Assists the Army and Magistrate of Central Langjiang. Later Meng Da was prepared to attack Shangyong, but Liu Bei doubted his ability to handle the battle on his own. In AD 219 he sent Feng to aid him, but Shen Dan of Shangyong surrendered without a conflict. Feng’s appointment was changed to General Who Assists the Army.