Liu Biao oftens acts as an enemy commander in Jing Province. He is one of the foes Sun Jian fights against on his way home from the fighting in Luo Yang, yet Sun jian himself dies befpre he can reach Liu Biao at the hands of Huang Zu. In Kessen II, he will offer shelter to a fleeing Liu Bei from Cao Cao's forces and let the former borrow Xin Ye after the Battle of Ru Nan. After he passes away, Liu Bei is given the option to recruit the distressed men and bolster his forces.

Romance of the Three Kingdoms (2010)Edit

Liu Biao 3
Liu Biao, the father to Liu Qi and Liu Zong, the husband of Cai Shi and brother-in-law to Cai Mao. Although Li Biao didn't alliance with the Yuan forces to against the Yellow Turban alliance, he's policy with the co-operate to share Yuan Shao in food supply and army. Liu Biao died in illness since Liu Qi didn't arrived to hear his last will.

First appearance: Episode 6

Ending: Episode 35