Lei Tong served under Liu Yan and Liu Zhang, and in 213 AD, the latter invited Liu Bei to hold off Zhang Lu. Liu Bei, however, turned against Liu Zhang and attacked him instead.

After Deng Xian had been killed by Liu Bei's army, Liu Zhang sent Wu Yi to help. Wu Yi requested that the officers Wu Lan and Lei Tong accompany him, and so they did. When they got to the city of Luoxian, which Zhang Ren and Leng Bao, two other officers of Liu Zhang, were holding, Wu Lan and Lei Tong stationed troops nearby a river in order to drown Liu Bei's army at a request by Leng Bao.

In 218 AD, Cao Cao sent his cousin, Cao Hong along with Zhang He to attack Yi. Cao Hong sent Zhang He to attack Baxi, where Lei Tong and Zhang Fei were positioned as garrison commanders.

With his enemy bringing thirty thousand troops with him, Zhang Fei ordered Lei Tong to ambush Zhang He with five thousand elite troops while he fought Zhang He head on. Zhang Fei and Zhang He fought twenty bouts, and Lei Tong forced his enemies to retreat with his ambush. The next day, Lei Tong led an attack to Dangqu Hill, where Zhang He fled, but was driven back. For each of the next fifty days, while the siege continued, Zhang Fei got drunk.

Zhuge Liang realized Zhang Fei's drinking was a ploy, and sent Wei Yan to transport good Chengdu wine with a relief force. Zhang Fei used the wine to attract Zhang He, and the Cao general, thinking Zhang Fei's intoxication would be the death of him, ambushed Zhang Fei and thrust through him. Immediately he found out that instead of being the general, it was a figure of straw.

The real Zhang Fei attacked and dealt a crushing blow to Zhang He, who retreated to his base, only to find that Wei Yan and Lei Tong had seized it. Zhang He retreated to Wakou Pass to regroup.

That next day, Lei Tong dueled with Zhang He, forcing him to retreat. Lei Tong pursued, and fell into an ambush. Zhang He turned around and stabbed Lei Tong, thus ending him.