Han Dynasty
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Historical Information
Location: Eastern China; capital at Xuchang (prior to Three Kingdoms era)
Start: 206 BC
August 5, 25 AD for Eastern Han
End: December 10, 220, if playing as He Jin, Huangfu Song or Zhu Jun, ongoing.
Major General(s): He Jin
Zhu Jun
Huangfu Song
Major Battle(s) * Yellow Turban Rebellion

The Han Dynasty (汉朝), known as the Eastern Han Dynasty (东汉) prior to the Three Kingdoms era, was the governing body of China that followed the Qin and Xin Dynasty. Ruled by the Liu bloodline, their reign lasted over four centuries and is commonly considered within China to be one of the greatest periods in the history of China. To this day, the ethnic majority of China still refer to themselves as the "Han people". A combination of corruption, pestilence, sectionalism, and rebellion caused the eventual downfall of the entire dynasty. In the games, most characters serve the Han under the control of He Jin at the very beginning in the fight against the Yellow Turbans. The player can change this by playing as He Jin, and continue with this dynasty all the way to the Battle at Inchon.


This list only includes the designated rulers for the Eastern Han. It doesn't list leaders from the ancestral family line, Western Han, or Shu Han.

  1. Emperor Guangwu (Liu Xiu; 25 ~ 57 AD)
  2. Emperor Ming (Liu Yang; 28 ~ 75 AD)
  3. Emperor Zhang (Liu Da; 75 ~ 88 AD)
  4. Emperor He (Liu Zhao; 88 ~ 105 AD)
  5. Emperor Shang (Liu Long; 105 ~ 106 AD)
  6. Emperor An (Liu Hu; 106 ~ 125 AD)
  7. [[Marquess of Beixiang (Emperor Shao; Liu Yi; ? ~ 125 AD)
  8. Emperor Shun (Liu Bao; 125 ~ 144 AD)
  9. Emperor Chong (Liu Bing; 144 ~ 145 AD)
  10. Emperor Zhi (Liu Zuan; 145 ~ 146 AD)
  11. Emperor Huan (Liu Zhi; 146 ~ 167 AD)
  12. Emperor Ling (Liu Hong; 168 ~ 189 AD)
  13. Emperor Shao (Liu Bian; 189 AD)
  14. Emperor Xian (Liu Xie; 189 ~ 220 AD) - considered 29th ruler if all predecessors are included.
  15. He Jin/Huangfu Song/Zhu Jun (220 AD ~ ?) - If the player completes the game as one of them.

Governing BodyEdit

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Fictional FollowersEdit

Romance of the Three KingdomsEdit

  • Cheng Kuang - Possibly fictional. Appeared in chapters 1 and 3. One of the Ten Eunuchs.
  • Cui Yi - Possibly fictional. Appeared in chapter 3. Housed Emperor Bian and future Emperor Xian after their flight from the massacre of the Ten Regular Attendants.
  • Fan Cheng - Possibly fictional. Appeared in chapter 14. Was appointed a position under Cao Cao's court along with Dong Zhao.
  • Gong Jing - Possibly fictional. Appeared in chapter 1. Attacked by Yellow Scarves.
  • Wei Hong - Appeared in chapter 5. Was a friend of the Cao clan and funded Cao Cao's first army.