Fei Guan was a man who originated from Jiangxia, Jingzhou. He was the husband to Liu Zhang's daughter. Different sources also record that he was adopted by Liu Zhang's mother. He was described as a talented scholar and warrior who ruled as a kind and just bureaucrat.

He is first mentioned after Liu Yan's marriage and Liu Zhang's birth. Since he and his brother, Fei Yi, lost their father at an early age, they were taken under Liu Zhang's care. To properly educate them, they were sent to study at Shu.

Fei Guan eventually became well known and liked by the people. Entering Shu in his late twenties, Fei Guan actually preferred the company of his elders such as Li Yan, as he treated them more affably and with pride. He shared the same rank and age as another general, Fu Kuang, but he did not happily engage him. His death date is unknown but official records say that he died when he was 37 years old.