Fa Zheng originated from the Fufeng Province. His father was Fa Guang and his son was Fa Miao.

Due to a famine that struck his home, he and Meng Da left to serve Liu Zhang in Yizhou. New to the capital and his surroundings, he was not summoned to the court and was appointed to be governor of Xindu. However, since the military lacked mentors, he was quickly demoted as military captain and was sent to advise the junior officers. Although he was talented, Liu Zhang never called upon his services and he felt unappreciated. He and Zhang Song, who he shared good relations with, were dissatisfied with their master's capabilities and judgment.

Romance of the Three Kingdoms (2010)Edit

Fa Zheng
Fa Zheng first appearance in Liu Bei's lair. Since Zhang Song failed from the negotiation, Fa Zheng was assigned by Liu Zhang to negotiate Liu Bei for an alliance.

First appearance: Episode 64

Ending: ?