Dynasty Warriors 3 - Fan On is a special edition of Dynasty Warriors 3. This new fan on features 45 new characters and 43 new Musou Modes. This is also, one of the few installments to include the option to create your own character. This is also the first ever Dynasty Warriors game to completely customize your own missions, and Musou Modes. This is also the first crossovered game that Koei had with the anime "Kohime Musou", and includes a new character selection known as "Kohime". These characters can be unlocked only if you completed a Musou mode atleast with one of the factions of the original Dynasty Warrior characters (For example, complete the Wei with Xiahou Dun to unlock the Gi, complete the Wu with Huang Dai to unlock Go and complete the Shu with Guan Yu to unlock the Shotu). They too, have their own respective Musou Modes, and even have some stages, that they meet up. There is also a few characters that never existed yet. It is also remastered in High Definition and is a PS3 Exclusive. This game also received the "Greatest Hits" title and was ranked 3 in the top 10 Hack and Slash gaming. Like Dynasty Warriors 3 Xtreme Legends, you can import your save data from both previous games respectivly.

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